Copyright Act History:

What is a Copyright?

Copyright, the first intellectual property in the world to receive legal recognition, is a unique Intellectual Property right such that it does not fall under the category of Industrial Property. Copyright protection covers areas of work in printing, music, communication, entertainment and computer software. Copyright subsists in the original works of an author, the work being in any tangible medium of expression. It should be capable of being perceived and being reproduced. The Copyright Act of 1957, deals with protection of Copyrights in India. Copyright can be defined as exclusive right given by the Law for certain period of time to an author, composer (or his assignee) to print publish and sell copies of the original work in full or in part. In other words it can be defined as an incorporeal right granted to the author or organization of certain literary or Artistic work, whereby the said person, for a special period has the sole and exclusive privilege to multiply copies of the said work.

Relevant Statutes : Copyright Act,1957

Copyright Act, 1957

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